Foot Soldier

November 19, 2016, Prescott-

All my life, I have looked towards inclusiveness and unity.

All my life, I have shunned the limelight, or any sort of elitism.

All my life, I have felt it best to not get too close to those in power,

whether the entity be large or small.

I am most comfortable in the background,

and as a result, have chosen to be one who shows up early

and leaves late.

That, ironically, brings two things:

The gratitude of those in power,

and the disdain of those who also might be striving.

This evening, I was given a modicum of recognition

for helping the logistics coordinator of this year’s Hope Fest,

into the wee hours of the morning.

This evening, I stood up, acknowledged the gratitude he expressed,

then faded back into the woodwork.

This evening, I also lost a friend,

for having been singled out, however momentarily.

I remain a foot soldier, though.

It’s a place where I feel secure and competent.


7 thoughts on “Foot Soldier

  1. I guess i differ in that path – i often in what may not ever ever seem big to me find responsible position…power so to speak. to me anyways. I can not help it – it is likely because i meet so many mover/shaker to me anyways souls just when i need to. I doubt you would think much would change for me asside from dresscode 😉 depending on which society let me fringe. my point of response being, hug, I hope you take it blessing said soul on their way to maybe if you need to hear theirs, another story for another day. blessings you get any kind words at all, but to me, recognition is often the slipperiest of slopes- often not a kindness at all but a trap laden to keep you on your toes politically…paradoxically a bad job so to speak being a challenge to rise to not something shiny and haha lookie me…not that you again choose that…just that recognition seems to be this rarest of moments where the sentiment is meant but the outcome usually is hell so to speak sent resentment you won the prize sought probably without trying.


  2. I too have my limits in making friends and so on. I too, want to make sure I am safe with the person etc.
    And losing a friend for being you, well, just even bother about that person. It is better to have those insincere people out of the way, than get hurt in the end.


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