December 3, 2016, Prescott-  I am pinching my pennies, for the next two weeks, as it is both high bill time and a cause for continuing severance of expenditures that no longer make sense.  Satellite TV and landline telephone have gone by the boards, as a result.  Even my essential oils purchases are cut, since I’m the only one buying from me.  There also won’t be many meals out, if I’m dining alone.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy, anyway.

Watching this evening’s lighting of Courthouse Square, including the Christmas tree, was a free delight, though.  The melodic voices of children of all ages added sonic luster to the event.  I was a needle in a humongous crowd- I’d estimate 2,000 people on the lawn, and another 500 or so, walking the streets and patronizing every restaurant, cafe and shop within a half-mile radius of the Square.   I found a small deli, a bit off the beaten track, and contented myself with a cheap, delicious bowl of meatball,kale and white bean soup.

Although I am perfectly happy being alone, I like crowds.  They bring prosperity to my otherwise struggling friends and neighbours in the downtown shops and restaurants. I learn from listening to different people talking, as we all stand and watch the festivities, or while  walking along the sidewalks. Although, they can try people’s   patience, they also bring a chance to think outside the box and to develop networks of co-operation, that otherwise would not have a chance to be established.  One never knows when such networks will be imperative.

Last Sunday, at a gas station just this side of the Colorado River, I happened upon the usual chaotic, end-of-holiday scene.  I took my place in a pump queue, moved up in amazingly short order, and filled the Hyundai’s tank.  As I was preparing to drive out, after paying, another driver backed into the spot in front of me, boxing me in and keeping the person behind me from pulling up to the tank.  The driver behind me got out and started yelling at the miscreant, who, as it happened, did not speak English, but  looked determined not to co-operate, in any event.  Fortunately, there was an attendant on scene, who directed me around the car and carefully past the store front, which was also insanely busy.

Thinking outside the box seems to be the only way, as we move through a most unsettled and chaotic time.

11 thoughts on “Crowds

  1. I tend to enjoy people watching if I can do it from a place of aloneness. I was patiently waiting my turn in a Barnes & Noble bookstore this afternoon, thinking I’d rather be at home, when a whiney teen started in on her dad — “Can’t we go home,” “why can’t we go home.” It was all I could do to be patient and not tell her that I’d rather go home too, but couldn’t until I completed paying for my purchase. Unfortunately there are too many adults who behave like the teen, demanding to be first in line before those who have waited their turn. We ALL need to use patience and respect!


  2. I read this am reminded for the second time of thoreau- first was beware of any enterprise requiring new clothes – to someone writing on the question of respect being given or earned- I obviously fall oddly as per usual on the side of it being given- citing yay i got one a job from my interview as younoted elsewhere- but I am not even sure if it wasn’t forfollowing a “dresscode” which means strictly to my defining respect is given- not persay earned- just show up finely attired for that respect… but you now remind me again of economy later actually in the same book :D. I know a land line is x cost as is satelite entertainment- I’m newly to streaming services though this house has all the cable and the phone and one streaming subscription. -I know this means i could 1/3 my bill utilizing internet and the streaming service but that removes the sunday football ticket and the wealth of channels 3 of which aren’t on hulu or other tv service and of such delightful trash someone’s bound to not me of course watch it with religious feervor. or taste triples this operation. I happen not to mind it’s all a savings. so far. butfor many ouch specific tastes specifically cost- so in the scientific experience of this all- you own a nice vehicle0 within a range, how often do you make less than 20 mile trips many seperate times thus allowing you to begin to speculate on the start up fuel consumption then a to short b fuel use. does this significantly differ from the city highway estimates of your stated usage? the why is obvious- not that it changes your decisions to be places that’s on you- but for the philosophic point of true economy of the math not the salvation of the mind how does this less tv reliance and perhaps out in the world exploration which also costs stack up- please do not beat with too thick a stack of paper not everyone has reliable estimates of to the mile cost and wishes to divulge tax like decutions upon their activities! but i amcurious…if only to keep it light literary here.


  3. I still have the landline and the statelite TV paying huge sums every month. I don’t find any reason why we have the landline, specially since we have listed it and have all sort of Call centres call us. It is a nuisance.


  4. Oh, you made me think of a pet peeve! Why can’t car manufacturers put the gas receiver on the same side of the car!? Gas getting would be so much more orderly!
    I’m glad you had a good time. Crowds tend to freak me out.


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