Poisoned By These Fairy Tales

December 11, 2016, Prescott-

Don Henley included that phrase, in his song, “The End of the Innocence”, in 1989.  It was partly a reaction to what he regarded as the excesses of the Reagan-Bush the Elder years.

I think of it, instantly, whenever an outlandish conspiracy theory surfaces.  I have my own take on such theories, which are always based on fear-gone-wild.  They are a natural outgrowth of the complex levels of secrecy, employed by so many in the power structure.  Nature, and the human mind, abhor vacuums.  Where there is no explanation, a person will provide one of his/her own.  When no credible explanation of the assassination of John F. Kennedy was offered, in which all questions were suitably explained to the public, all manner of explanations began to surface.  It was not long, before every unusual or unsettling event, from the Apollo 13 landing, to the airplane crashing into the Pentagon, was questioned, as to it’s ever having even happened.  Even the wanton slaughter of 26 people, in Newtown, CT, was denied by people with a fair audience- as if 20 children and six adults could actually be alive, and visible, one day- and have never even EXISTED, the next.

Yes, this nation is poisoned by fairy tales- both those invented from whole cloth and those made up by people working for God-knows-who, the end result of which is total, rampant confusion.  Now, we will have four years, during which a man with little political experience has the primary job of leading us out of a wilderness, to which many of his own supporters, and a goodly number of his foes, helped to guide us, in the first place.

May he succeed, even if, especially if, he is not initially so inclined.

12 thoughts on “Poisoned By These Fairy Tales

  1. I think that the fairy tales are created not only by nature filling its vacuums but also by the fake news that has been promulgated since the beginning of the election cycle this past year. It’s hard to know WHAT to believe these days — perhaps all those awful cabinet choices are fake news as well, testing the water as to the appropriateness of the choices being made?!


  2. I think I’m a little more optimistic than that! Even if the intentions are not good, we can change the dynamic in 2 years by changing Congress, and in 4 by not re=electing the President. Hopefully we won’t have to go through an impeachment!


  3. I’m so agreed, re the general flow of this piece, and especially the fairytales. Because of my mate, I am privy to a tiny slice of the behind-the-scenes strategizing. It’s going to be interesting, to say the least. Our prayers …important.


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