Out of the Fog

January 5, 2017, Palm Desert-

I left the coast’s Jan gloom behind

A Blue Hole greeted five of us

descending from the San Jacinto,

the driver of the lead monster truck,

seemingly driving blind.

Somehow, doing fifty,

in a 25 miles an hour stretch,

made sense to him,

while we behind him, retched.

I would drive on,

and back into the rain,

but here in the desert,

sand and sun held domain.

5 thoughts on “Out of the Fog

  1. I’m glad you made it home safely — big trucks have become a menace on the desert roads! I hope the triple trucks that are prevalent in TX don’t migrate to this part of the world. Glad, too, that it was sunny when you got there — it’s going to be a very rainy few days here on the coast!


    • My son and I were comparing notes on Cal and AZ drivers. Both have problems not whipping around blind corners, in parking lots and garages. AZ drivers tend to insist on going over the speed limit in school zones, something I haven’t seen in California. Of course, both base their speed on the size of their vehicles, not the realities of the road.


      • One of my pet peeves is the drivers who not only speed in school zones, but also don’t stop for school buses with their red lights flashing! I find it rather amusing that when I travel at the speed limit, people sometimes tend to hold back and drive well behind me as if I was a cop!


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