Patriot’s Day

January 14, 2016, Prescott-

Bostonians tend to hang together,

Hell or high water.

The film now out,

depicting the events of 4/2013,

shows this, true to form.

My life, back in the day,

was mirrored by  the way

people had each other’s backs.

Seeing these scenes,

brought me to tears.

There were so many memories

of the fires we endured,

as eighth-graders,

in the year of strife: 1963.

There was so much heartache,

in 1973-75,

when the neighbourhoods

were pitted against each other.

This was Boston, though,

and we saw through the deception.

We came back together.

We stayed bonded, all of us,

even from a distance,

during 9/11,

and once again,

during April, 2013.

The phone call home,

after the bombings,

brought a blessed message:

“Nick didn’t run this year.

Everyone’s okay here.”

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