The Universe Says “Stay Put”

February 18, 2017, Prescott-  This weekend being a holiday weekend (President’s Day), I had penciled in a hike or two.  Lo and behold, the rains have come!  We have to lick this drought thing somehow, though, so here I sit.

Taxes got done, though, and I have a chance to honour a couple of friends who are moving to California. There will be a gathering for them, tomorrow, at 1 PM.  A friend from Oklahoma will be here, tomorrow afternoon and evening.  Monday will take me down to Phoenix, for a wellness appointment, and I will get in a first hike on the Maricopa Trail afterward.  It will give me a good indication of just how the rain has affected the Sonora Desert, perhaps for the last time until Fall, depending on how warm March and April turn out to be.

Life always manages to bring a full course to my table, whether I’m at work, on the road, or just chilling here in our lovely sky island.  Some say that this is exactly what will keep me going, for years to come.  We’ll see about that, but I know it won’t ever be dull.


4 thoughts on “The Universe Says “Stay Put”

  1. This storm is a nasty one — I’ve been indoors for 2 days, and hope to get out tomorrow to see what has become of this area! We had nearly 6″ of rain in 12 hours, and winds that gusted up to 80 mph! There are trees down everywhere, and lots of flood damage. More coming Monday! Be very careful if you do go out for a drive or a hike!


    • Santa Barbara was hit really hard, with lots of trees down, and lots of flooding in the streets. San Marcos Pass was closed from one side to the other — I haven’t seen reports of ‘an absolute mess,’ but am sure there were lots of rockslides and fallen brush.


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