The Flip Side

March 10, 2017, Prescott- 

God has graced man and woman

with one another.

Most children are blessed

with loving parents.

I have been so graced and blessed,

since before I was born.

There are, however,

those, of both genders,

who neither grace their mates,

nor bless their children.

They, of both genders,

who beat their mates,

who abandon their children,

either physically or emotionally,

what do they suppose

happens to those they discard?

There is no human refuse.

Whoever gets left behind,

by those they love,

gets picked up by someone else.

Teachers, social workers,

volunteers, family members,


even neighbours, take up the slack.

Most are good-hearted,

but sometimes,

they are more of the same.

The question begs:

How can anyone look at a child and not love him/her, unconditionally?

We have so much work left to do.

(This was motivated by the report, out of Chicago, that a woman brutalized and killed her granddaughter. She was found guilty today.  It was further motivated by today’s findings at work.)


4 thoughts on “The Flip Side

  1. That is so true. How can you look at a child’s eye and be abusive. Once I read in a true case of abuse and murder, the girl who was brutalized, wanted to go the washroom and asked the attacker, if he could unbutton her overall. That showed that despite the abuse, she still trusted that man. Finally her dead body was found. That man is in prison. Oh I really hope they get the death penalty.


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