Thinking, Feeling, and Knowing

March 18, 2017, Prescott-  Let’s take a break from the posting of travel photos, as I sense there is ennui setting in, among my readers here.

All my life, I’ve been through a dichotomy between thinking, usually based on incomplete information and feeling, based on my emotions of the moment.

I came upon the third component of personal reality, knowing, in the intuitive sense, not the cognitive meaning, a few years into my time as a Baha’i.  The fact that I had given up a rather intense devotion to alcoholic beverages, at the same time, also helped.

These days, I put feeling and knowing into use, before thinking.  It’s helped avoid a lot of the pitfalls, into which I have placed myself over the years, from being repeated.

In Fall, 1980, I felt that I was ready to meet a special person.  When I met Penny, a month later, I knew that special person would be in my life, for a very long time, and would be present in my being, forever.


In Winter, 2011, when she left this world, I entered a period, of about 2 1/2 years, in which I felt that a person who resembled Penny, either in countenance or in blithe spirit, would be my solace. I knew, though, in the end, that  this fabrication was doing me no good, and that I had to go through the hard work of getting myself settled, of becoming in tune with who I was, in my own space.

These days, I feel another special presence in my life.  I don’t know much about this person, yet, so I can’t say I am certain, as to how things will pan out.  I do know, cognitively, that she lives on the other side of Arizona.  I know, intuitively, that I regarded her as a dear friend,  as soon as we met, a few days ago, and that I will let that friendship go where it will.  I am under no illusions; yet, it seems like I’ve known her for a very long time.

The writer and philosopher, Shakti Gawain, talks of her varied relationships, at all levels.  She makes the interesting point that one can know, intuitively, when a person is part of one’s soul family.  I have many such brothers, sisters, children, and extended family.  Each is of particular  value and there will be many others; of this, I’m certain.  Let’s see where the path leads.



11 thoughts on “Thinking, Feeling, and Knowing

  1. I’ve met people that I instinctively knew were important to me. Some of the most important friendships of my life. The important thing to remember, in my case, anyhow, was that what I thought that meant may not be what the universe had in mind for me. I refer to distance and definition.
    But you know that. Enjoy your new friend.


    • How well I know that! The quixotic journey of 2013 fortunately ended well, for all concerned. I am grateful to the Universe, though, for all that has happened, before, during and since. This will be a strong, durable friendship, in whatever outward form it takes.


  2. Not so much ennui, as some shifts in life patterns, some with the time change and others not. Take your time and be cautious, Gary — I hope this will become a long-term friendship for you!


    • Yes, indeed, PDT must be such a nuisance! I will take my time and let things play out, with no expectations of anything other than a strong friendship. I am grateful for her warmth of spirit.


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