It Is, and Isn’t

March 27, 2017, Prescott-

What is in my heart, of late,

is a set of intense feelings.

It is being intrigued by, interested in,

someone who was immensely kind

and loving, the week before last.

It isn’t a return to the temporary insanity

of four years ago.

It is a recognition that there is a friendship,

added to all the other wonderful friendships,

that I have in this world.

It isn’t a matter of my ego, gone haywire.

I know that, as life has presented me

with those to whom I have been attracted,

and who were not the least bit attracted to me,

so, too, has been the converse.

It is a joyful thing,

this reaching out,

to new places, new friends,

new silver.

It isn’t a matter of discarding the gold.

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