March 30, 2017, Prescott-

Some brief observations,

after a long day.

Nature abhors a vacuum.

Humans seek to fill a void,

any void,

with whoever, or whatever,

is nearby.

If a child leaves a classroom,

program administrators cast about,

for another child to fill the slot.

No vessel can hold more than capacity.

If a human psyche is filled to rage,

it explodes, at the nearest target.

A system seeks to perpetuate itself,

even if it is unwieldy, inefficient,

and uncaring.

People are dismissed,

others enter, stay a while,

and are themselves dismissed.

I’ve seen this, each time I have been let go.

My successors have fared no better.

The present situation is not a crash and burn,


We have a few miles to go, on the treadmill.

Year’s end will tell a lot, about everyone involved.

6 thoughts on “Blame

  1. People can be complicated. People can try to complicated others.
    I have some unfilled voids. I cherish those creative spaces. I won’t trade them for complications.


  2. ew. well, at least you’ve some personal knowledge I for a zillion years didn’t have – the clear knowledgte of both it not being unfamilar and you learned it didn’t/wast truly personal. some things just are. and their solution are not garunteed. – reminds me of entering my job and leaving it – all i knew have nearly all left it many replacements! but while they brought gloss, they didn’t fight the hardships lastingly. while I had a LOT of help there, I actually can say i did try at that, the real. work. I forget i faired rather well. you seem to know that, I didn’t it hurts more in that case to doubt or feel unsure at least of that. so obviously wishing you the best. peace to do what must be, strength to reflect enduring faith, andof course the abundance of god’s eniverse to for the moment empower you to that next adventure… or chapter of same said 😉


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