Wild and Woolly

April 3, 2017, Prescott-  Things were relatively tame at work, today.  The wild child was determined he wouldn’t be a nuisance to me, and did his absolute best to focus on his learning.  Supervisor A was reasonable and co-operative, saying that the next eight weeks need to see us all united, as a team.  These were both welcome preludes, to what I intend to be a successful end of the academic year.

Mother Nature sent Prescott a whopper, this evening.  As I began walking downtown, an intense microburst swept through, with the high winds knocking down tree limbs and a brief, heavy rain coming down, just as a planned conference call was coming in, (guess what didn’t happen), and I was stepping inside Marino’s Mob Burger.  Dinner was lovely ( zuppa avgolemono, with pita slices), and I was able to wait out the worst of the rain.  Walking over to Sprouts, and along my favourite backstreet, on the way home, I felt safe and composed again, despite the light, cold rain.

It doesn’t take much to keep me happy, in reality.

7 thoughts on “Wild and Woolly

  1. I’m glad your day went better — perhaps over the weekend the supervisor thought a little about last week and it’s difficulties. Good that Wild Child also was working well!

    I’m glad the microburst was short-lived, and that you again felt safe and composed, and hope that the weather is nice going forward.


  2. Did they open a Sprouts down town? or did you walk to PV Sprouts? Either way you had an adventure.
    Happy you day was better then last week.


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