Flat’s Where It’s At?

April 11, 2017, Prescott-

I opened my social media today,

to see a Flat Earther posting

that there is, in fact, no gravity.

He posits that the person walking

across the Earth will meet only

a sharp, high cliff, at the end of his journey.

The Sun is, according to this latter day sage,

a bright little ball that serves Mother Earth,

around which it revolves,

from a scant sixty thousand feet up.

I have two questions:

Is there a hotel, at each end point?

When will Sun tourism begin, and might we just float up there?

(This is, for the hyper-serious, a bit of levity, in the wake of the Flat Earth Society’s recent postings, on various Facebook sites.)


17 thoughts on “Flat’s Where It’s At?

  1. I enjoy the drama some Bible thumpers create around the Bible says the earth is flat. Not poking fun, just enjoying the show.


  2. Too funny. 😀 I wonder where they think all the water goes if there is a flat earth? No gravity. That takes real faith to believe or fake faith. 😛


  3. I enjoyed reading alexander von humboldt’s journeys 1801 through 1804 to various points of columbia and such. it being shown thatthe biblical six days truly scientifically are questionable as to the age of the earth via simpler observations. of course, i didn’t instantly question MY faith. but i can see a glimmer to why others MIGHT question theirs. I simply toss it up to metaphoric explainations of time versus literal ones. god’s time being different than ours by an abundance factor of staggering proportions. but by the same token, i’m not likely to win any converts from them of the church of the flying spaghetti monster. 😀 yes. levity.


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