He Bids Us All To Arise

April 16, 2017, Prescott-

Today, nearly a billion people, around the world, commemorated the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ.  Many combine the sacred with the whimsical, filling baskets with candy of all sorts, making Easter the second most popular candy-eating holiday, after Halloween.  Others leave out the sacred, altogether, thus making Easter little different from the Feast of All Hallows.

Christ overlooked the faults of others, save the Pharisees, whom He scolded and the merchants in the Temple, whom He chastised more forcefully.  He was far kinder to those who committed indiscretions of the heart.

The lesson I get from this, and from His very resurrection, is that the human spirit is capable of enormous resilience.  We fall down and hurt others, either physically or emotionally, yet some of these same people could very well return to at least a modicum of friendship, over time, if we ourselves recover our moral bearings.

Christ was not only saving us, by His sacrifice.  He was also showing us, how we might save ourselves, albeit by less supreme means.  Each of us can arise, in our own way, through adhering to the Golden Rule and by making amends, for wrongs that we have done to others.

As a Baha’i, I revere Christ as Messenger of God and Supreme Teacher.  Accordingly, I know that it’s my bounden duty to serve others, both to make amends for what I’ve done wrong in this life, and out of love for them.  Love is the basis for everything the Messengers of God, from Adam to Baha’u’llah, have taught us, over the millennia. Yesterday, I had the bounty of visiting several people, at the Native American Baha’i Institute of Learning (at Houck,AZ) , in the Hopi village of Polacca and in the small Verde Valley town of Rimrock, where a longtime friend is in the fight of his life, against a crippling disease.  What I went to impart, was a very simple message:  Your life matters.

Christ said this, repeatedly, 2000 years ago. Baha’u’llah said this, repeatedly, 164 years ago.  Both gave us the admonition to say this to one another.  Both gave us the bidding to arise, to lift ourselves, and one another, out of despair and trouble.  That is the message I get from Easter.


8 thoughts on “He Bids Us All To Arise

  1. Thank you for sharing. “He (Christ) was far kinder to those who committed indiscretions of the heart.” and “Both (manifestations) gave us the bidding to arise, to lift ourselves, and one another, out of despair and trouble.” This is personally meaningful for me today. I will pray for your friend who is struggling with his life.


  2. heheh, of course today is easter but yet another work day for me. I managed many a pleasantry of which i am glad. however the point here is my mom called cajouling me to a wedding of one i rather wanted obviously notlooking to come true 😉 I should preface that, i esxpected to be there I am simply not sure of the welcome. of course I sit here pondering the meaning of family, faith etc character mainly. do I honestly care as in even should I not be the happiness, I wish the abundance none the same with all i have to breathe into it. or am I a strong enough soul to care when it doesn’t go my way or just wallow in sour grapes 😀 whine whine whine. 😀 it is as usual comfoting to see through a paragraph blurring to “far kinder to indescretions of the heart.” or is I can not support anyone, why in turn would i lament my lack of support in return? of course such is a muse, I know not the whole story and in fact hardly any of it. the dog is whining agter my supper. it’s coinsidentally chicken. am I one to stand to what I should, the true meaning of character, love, fidelity, comradship anything in short decent? of course I stand to do so in a bittersweet fashion..there is no avoiding some truth. it is well you offer stuff to ponder the greater meaning. oh and of course it’s an ill timed holiday one, costing me further to get off to get there and back having failed once to do so ontime. heh. ah well it’s all choices. I could simply develop an ill timed illness that weekend, I learned enough this life one simply must fight for one’s self there isn’t always a yes awaiting.


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