Sixty Six, for Sixty-Six, Part XXXI: Type Cast

May 3, 2017, Prescott-

I have always had difficulty

with Type A personalities,

if their insatiable drive

works in tandem,

with a need to embarrass

co-workers and subordinates,

by calling them out,


It’s one thing,

to want to be in charge.

Many great things

have been achieved,

by the driven.

It’s quite another,

to want to be in charge,

and need to put

others down,

in a  quest for power.

Seems that the more

things unravel,

the more there is

a tendency to blame,

to micromanage,

and to misjudge.

5 thoughts on “Sixty Six, for Sixty-Six, Part XXXI: Type Cast

    • It’s happened, on several occasions, throughout my career, and probably most other “Betas” can say the same thing. It is usually the downfall of the “Large and in charge” personage, if he or she ends up driving away the very people who are in supporting roles, often over failure on our part to observe all rules to the letter.


  1. Hi Gary! I’ve switched to wordpress now… So good to read your post/poem. We are going through a reorganization at work and part of the problem is micromanagement. The Dunning-Kruger Effect is front and center and seems to be the mantle that the supervisor is wearing….


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