Sixty Six, for Sixty-Six, Part XXXVI: So Fleeting, It Is

May 23, 2017, Prescott-

I have felt a lot, welling in my heart, today. Sitting on the floor, after hours, keeping a little boy out of harm’s way, whilst waiting for his guardian to arrive and take him home, two of us encountered his simplistic view of things:  If he were only allowed to, he would run after the bus, in stocking feet.  Somehow, he knew the bus would be late, and it was; but guardian was already en route.

This is our clairvoyant child, who warned me not to think of a new friend of mine in a romantic way.  I would not have done so, anyway, but he had no way of knowing my heart- or maybe he did see a hidden danger lurking.

It has been a tempestuous month:  Two deaths of friends, one expected; the other, a bombshell.  Both brought communities together.  An aged mentor, to many of us in my Faith community, went back to God, last Wednesday.    Then, this week, a colleague in the Red Cross passed on, after a serious illness.

Now comes Manchester.  A young lady of considerable, as yet unrealized, talent, sought to bring the joy of her dance hall style of music to another generation of youth.  A crazed and puritanical misfit set out to destroy her efforts.  The resulting carnage will live in my heart, for a long time.

Some in my circle have taken to responding to me, of late, with curt, businesslike replies.  Others, are acting as if we’ve never met, in the first place.  Life is fleeting, so why not friendship and connection?

It’s often said, that if you love something, set it free, and if it comes back, it is yours.  If not, it never was.  So, my friends and family are always free to come and go.  The spot they have in my heart will still be there, should they come back.  This is life, and it goes on.

17 thoughts on “Sixty Six, for Sixty-Six, Part XXXVI: So Fleeting, It Is

  1. It has indeed been a difficult week. Unfortunately, the carnage in Manchester is not the last we will see of terrorist activity, but it hurts no less for that awareness. I’m glad you were able to protect the little boy whose guardian was late picking him up — I’m sure he will have appreciated that in his own way. The most important news discussions today were on the topic of what to tell one’s children about terror!


    • Surprisingly, it didn’t come up here, given that several of the kids are fans of Ariana Grande. I had many discussions with my son, his friends and my students, over the years. You’re right about Manchester not being the last of it, but let it not deter us from what is right.


  2. What happened in Manchester is unimaginable. I am shocked too after hearing.
    The ages of those young girls who came to enjoy music and dance, were taken away by tragedy.


  3. I too am still in a state of shock over Manchester, Gary.

    And my sentiments on Ariana Grande are the same.

    She is one contemporary young singer who I think is genuinely talented.

    And as you say, her talent is still unrecognized.

    Hopefully, her name will not be associated in history with the Manchester tragedy only.

    Hopefully her name will become synonymous with overcoming the adversity thrown at us by fanatics.


  4. These events leave a mark on all of us. The small kindnesses we can offer each other are the best way to comfort the hurting and perhaps deter terror. If sitting on the floor keeping a child from fretting over a missed bus is what we can do then we are compelled to give that comfort.


  5. You’re a good man, Gary. The world doesn’t have the best track record with good men. I’m glad you’re holding down your part of it.


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