Dreams Deferred

May 26, 2017, Prescott-

In the interests of preventing further problems, for me and others, the chief of department has several questions, which she will raise next Wednesday.  A lot of decisions with regard to children are made, based on second-or third hand information.  There are specific program issues, personality clashes between adults (which do NOT take the children’s interests into account), and matters of style.

Memorial Day weekend has often been a time of deferring action, as there are many year end transitions that have to be accomplished, but people need respite.  I once lived out of my car for the weekend, while a prospective landlord took time off.  He, of course, blew me off on the following Tuesday, but I found a far better place in which to live.

This year brings a similar situation.  The possibility of returning to working with a high school age population is still quite real, but will need to defer to the principle of rest, and to further discussions.  My plan B is to be full-on with the Red Cross, though that will bring $0.  Then, too, there is the option of moving into a less expensive community, and starting over.  As I said, yesterday, quick, not dead.

8 thoughts on “Dreams Deferred

  1. Yesterday sounded very hopeful — tonight not quite so much. A long weekend plus another day seems more than respite — but I hope Wednesday’s meeting will give you a chance to express your thoughts and to come out where you want to be. Hugs!


    • It’ll work out somehow. These roadblocks always send me where I need to be. My birth family just shake their heads and say “Here we go again. Why can’t you just play the game?” Well, there is the part where the rules change in mid-stream, or they don’t change at all, even in the face of reality.


  2. It sounds like you may be being forced into a period of transition in your life, my friend. A period of transition that may be forced on you by others. I know what that feels like. I’ve gone through several periods of transition in my life the past 7 years- and quite often they were periods of transition forced upon me by others.


    • Maybe so, yet there are such things as: “I have a written contract for next year” and “Nowhere on this evaluation does it say ‘Recommend not rehire’. It gives several ways in which I must improve.”


  3. This type of unsettledness is stressful. I’m glad to know you have fallback plans. Somehow the universe will align and all will work out for the best. I’m sending positive thoughts your way.


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