Need v. Want

June 2, 2017, Prescott-

I postponed tomorrow’s scheduled drive north,

due to complications with finances.

It’ll all get straightened out,

a matter of need trumping want.

Several people have posted “Go Fund Me” blurbs,

some for making rent,

others for buying a plane ticket,

still others for medical care,

or meals.

I won’t do such a thing,

for myself,

as there is no NEED.

In my family,

Dad said “If you want it, earn it”.

I still go by that.

If I get extra, from the Universe,


Mostly, though, it’s what I have made.

Those waiting for their gifts from me,

will just have to wait a bit longer,

until the mess gets sorted out.

In the meantime,

my car payment goes out, tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Need v. Want

    • Yes, in a country flush with Dollar Stores and food banks, there is no reason for anyone to starve. Rents are a different matter, but Greek friends suggest that Americans need to get more comfortable with space sharing, as the best way to get around the notion that all of one’s income “should” go to housing and utilities.


  1. I’m sorry to hear of the snag that snagged your plans. I know you will get it handled. It’s hard to say about others when they ask for help, but there does seem to be some difference between definitions of need between recent generations and my own.


    • There is also a tendency to kick people to the curb, whenever they become “expendable”. That happened, some, in a few disreputable companies, when my parents’ generation was approaching their fifties, but it was not the norm. Now, disability and age have become triggers for the higher-ups to cut pensions, any way they can. Too often, this is what happens with nonprofits, as well as those whose main focus is their stockholders.

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      • We’ve experienced some of that, possibly, here, too. It’s a shame, but a symptom of the disconnection we’ve let take root in our lives and in our economy, perhaps.


  2. Too often people can’t distinguish need from want and end up going down the path to financial ruin… I think I taught my sons well. We often must make the decision between need and want.


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