June 18, 2017, Prescott-

The little girl told her father that she wanted to go over to an open area, at the memorial service for one of her school mates, so that she might do flips and somersaults.  “Go ahead”, said the man, while casting a wary eye about the grounds, “I’m watching you.”

This is among the fastest moving years I can remember.  Even staying closer to Home Base, for much of June, there has been no end to full days of activity, geared towards the betterment of the world.  That’s what we are expected to do, though- leave the world a better place than we found it.

I believe I have made a step in that direction, by raising a human being to adulthood, and pointing him in the direction that seemed most sensible to me- and most importantly, to him.  He has not disappointed me, once, since taking the vow of service to his country, and moving forward as an intelligent, hard-working young man.

My Dad saw me through some tough times, never giving up.  I miss him, yet I’m glad he didn’t have to see the difficulties through which we lived, in the first ten years of this century.  On the other hand, I will do all I can to support Aram, if trials and turbulence come again his way.

As to those hard ten years, 2001-11, commitment as a father means commitment as a husband.  I stayed true to Penny and did everything possible, to make sure she was in charge of her own life, to the end, no matter what pressures were brought on us by “experts” and well-meaning people, who just wanted to “get ‘er done”.  We honed our consultation skills, which were more something I, more than she, had to develop. It’s academic, as to whether we would have been better-served by using a debt reduction service, rather than filing for bankruptcy, but we chose the latter, and it’s all in the past, now.  Good life lessons were learned, late, and not lost on our son.

I see the vast majority of fathers, at least those with whom I have some contact, being wonderful, dedicated men.  None of us walks on water, yet we are producing fairly well-grounded young people.  Some are intensely vigilant; others, like the man mentioned above, are cautious, but relaxed enough to let their sons and daughters step out on their own, according to ability.

Fatherhood, even when children mature, and seem a million miles away, is an eternal blessing.  I look forward to many more years of that blessing and, if God wills, to its logical outgrowth:  Grandfatherhood.


6 thoughts on “Fatherhood

  1. They say being a grandparent is the opportunity to do parenting better than the first time around – having seen what works and what doesn’t. There aren’t many chances at a redo in real life!! I bet you will be a wonderful grandfather someday!


  2. The father of the little girl is doing a good job, instilling a measure of independence as well as responsibility in his daughter — much as you seem to have done with Aram. Bankruptcy, though sometimes necessitated by life circumstances, should be undertaken with much care and a strong effort not to be repeated. My best to you in your desire to be a grandfather!


    • I consider it my bounden duty to never repeat bankruptcy, which is one reason I have a solid long-term disability policy, as well as the commitment to live within my means, in perpetuity.


  3. I consider it my bounden duty to never repeat bankruptcy, which is one reason I have a solid long-term disability policy, as well as the commitment to live within my means, in perpetuity.


  4. I think I maybe have already wished you so elsewhere, but Happy Father’s Day again, belatedly this time. It is true,
    what you said about commitment as father extending to commitment as spouse, I have learned. Well done, on both counts, as well as on learning the life lesson when taught, as many of us neglect
    To do.


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