Longest, Hottest

June 21, 2017, Prescott-

I tend to disregard the temperature, to an extent..

When we lived in Phoenix, I did what I needed to do,

indoors or out, even in summer.

It just was done in smaller increments.

Today, the solstice, was the longest day,

north of the Equator,

and the shortest day, to its south.

What was necessary, here, got done.

Stepping Stones has more cards,

stationery, an egg beater

and a couple of old, professional-type books.

Days for Girls has several more covers

for the washable products they offer

to disadvantaged girls and women.

I have more space,

in the dining area closet,

in the tall kitchen cupboards

and atop the refrigerator.

Solstice is also a time of accounting.

We friends talked, first of what is pure

and later, of what is really sweet,

in terms of deeds,

as opposed to silver-tongued promises.

Solstice is a time for gathering.

So, the neighbours are outside,

enjoying the coolness.

Solstice is a time for reflecting,

so, after a hearty day,

I am thinking,

how fortunate I am,

to have friends in

just about every community

I’ve ever visited.

19 thoughts on “Longest, Hottest

    • I will be in Indiana, probably on the 8th or 9th. It was fairly nice there last year, on July 4 & 5- (Logansport, Kokomo and Indianapolis). This year, also, will be mainly up north (Portage, South Bend and Indy).


  1. Some people can’t imagine living without air conditioning. We lived in an old house that was built before AC was available. It was designed to be cooled by a cross breeze. If you opened windows on each side of the house the air flow would cool it off quite effectively!


  2. I’m glad you are keeping up with your meaningful activities. I made myself laugh this week, with short dashes outside to get things done. I can get terribly ill from the heat.


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