July 9, 2017, Wilmette-

To reiterate, as I am drastically revamping the earlier version of this post:  I will recap the past several, enjoyable days, July 5-8, in my next several posts.

For now:

I was somewhat relieved, and gratified, to actually meet a person who had been rather skittish, with regard to such a handshake.  Turns out, she does seem overbooked.  It is either sink or swim, for most of us, so she is swimming, furiously.

I am still frightened by people who pretend to be friends, and exhort the rest of us, with intense, challenging inspirational rhetoric.  Someone posted online, about Mother Teresa.  I remember her as a rather somber, sad woman, not so comfortable with the adulation of an unskeptical public.  I mention this, because we do tend to move in on people who look shiny, on the surface.  Europeans look at Americans, and are stunned by the glad-handing and false promises that occupy many of us, who are out to get a leg up.  So, motivational speakers and preachers get caught with their pants down, some of them literally so.  That’s the thing that frightens me most:  Not traffic, not thugs, but the duplicitous.

I feel much better, this afternoon, having had an extended conversation with my online friend- far from duplicitous, and the epitome of real.  It could not have ended, any other way.  I look forward to continually learning from her, and other correspondents.  This is about purification, and strengthening- a process that lasts a lifetime.

Some tremors are necessary in life.


11 thoughts on “Tremors

  1. I was sorry to read about Mother Teresa. We seem to have two tendencies: to raise someone to a pedestal and to knock them off it. I don’t know why we can’t admit that no one is ever a saint, and then look for the good a person does regardless of saintliness.
    I’d rather know the real person that any person who looks shiny.
    Glad you met up with someone after all.


  2. I’m glad you had success on your trip.

    I’m thinking on your words about pretend friends. I’m not sure if I take your meaning or not, but I realize it may be something personal. I think you are rather saintly, myself, so I don’t like to think of anyone frightening or abusing you. Humans can be capable of quite a bit of contradiction. In my way of thinking, that’s an important part of our physical state. Contradiction has something to do with having willpower, maybe. Well, I may not be talking any sense, so I’ll leave it. My own self, I try to make clear I’m a very flawed person.
    Still, expectations might still have a way of falling out of sorts.

    I don’t know a lot about Mother Teresa.
    Obviously, I tend to trust the Church’s judgment, though I don’t expect other people to do so. If they don’t care for the Catholic definition of saintliness, I can live with that. If they can’t let alone the spiritual practice of a religion they don’t care for, I suppose it will probably lead to frustration for all parties.


    • It turns out, your comment about contradictions is right on th e money. In another sense, each of us has a back story. The person to whom I was referring has a very frightening life story to tell. Knowing this, makes all the difference.

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      • The chain of hurts can be a very difficult thing to overcome. I think about how the sun shines on the just and unjust alike, and am glad for mercy. Also for justice, but especially for mercy. I’d bet meeting you is one more rung on the ladder climb, for anyone.


  3. That is just the thing – Saints are real people that do extraordinary things. They have flaws and foibles and yet manage to transcend those problems. I prefer my Saints to be real instead of sanitized and perfect! Glad you have made connections. I look forward to meeting you in person – I already feel like I know you from xanga and WP!


  4. I responded to your earlier version of this in private email — having said that, I’m glad you made connections, and rather expect that it was a matter of expectations gone awry! The internet is a scary place, and the more wary you can be within your own limits, the better.


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