Sometimes The Heart Has A Hole In It

August 20, 2017, Prescott- 

NOTE:  I am not shying away from posting about my visits to Harrisonburg and Lexington, VA.  That post will be up, tonight (dated July 22).  Considering one of the people in the post, though, brought to mind the topic below.

So, I have a hole in my heart, right now.

I, who pride myself on letting those I love fly away,

knowing that if they are really meant to be here,

they will return.

If not, they will light elsewhere.

There are, though, people

whose absence,

or lack of communication,

or estrangement,

hurt like Hell.

I guess that’s part of the physical realm,

and my mentors, ever steadfast,

will admonish me to let go.

I will, in short order,

but for now,

I am massaging the soreness.

People who run,

or are in hiding,

or are just silent,

I wish you every measure

of love, dignity and solace.

It will be nice,

if I am in your good graces,


Fly where you will,

and know this roost is being kept fresh.

(This is for all my surrogate daughters,

who have disappeared and my friend,

who sped off, without a word.)


6 thoughts on “Sometimes The Heart Has A Hole In It

    • Thanks, Janet. I’m far from abandoned, wholesale, but I just found myself missing certain people who have meant a lot to me in the past, and someone who means a lot to me now. You have always been a solid, reliable friend.


  1. To be open to friendship and love means we must also be open to the possibility of hurt. A heart that has never been bruised has never really known the depth of human emotion.


    • Very true, Val. I was scolded, on another forum, for posting this. I don’t, in the least, find your remarks chastising, and bruises do heal. The well they help dig, though, is indeed filled with healing waters, for self and others.


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