About The Change

August 25, 2017, Prescott-

I looked into the online face of a young woman,

in the context of a friend’s defining

the difference between



and serving.

The girl’s eyes asked

only for service.

She needed no help.

She did not ask,

nor needed,

to be fixed.

Her face said,

“If you offer this service,

I can find my own wholeness”.

I have upgraded my blogsite.

Righteous Bruin has retired.

Sagitarrian Seeker has taken his place.

The semblance that I might know

a bit more than my fellow travelers,

was present in the former title,

and as kind and loving,

as the Bear has tried to be,

his mission was based

on a falsehood.

I will always love,

and be grateful for,

my old online persona.

Seeker, wide-eyed,

open to growth,

wishing to destroy nothing,

will build upon

the foundation laid

by Bruin.

So, the anonymous lady,

looking out at me,

while nuzzling her horse,

may rest assured,

that whatever honourable service

my friends need done,

will be accomplished.

Along this road,

I invite one and all.

Seek your own truth,

and may we embrace it,


in our own way.



12 thoughts on “About The Change

    • You have it correct, as to the “righteous” part of my site’s former name. I still plan to work hard for justice, and with the spirit of a bear, yet with the added focus of the celestial search.


  1. Interesting that you have made the name change, I understand it though. Your righteous and the way others perceive it are worlds apart, but there is always the desire to not offend. Sad that the word has taken on such connotations that current history forgets what past history has taught us. My search for the ‘right’ words to define my blog is still on-going. Is it procrastination and fear or just that the right words have not yet called to me? Until it is figured out, the blog will remain silent. But it is good to see that yours does not. Thank you for your words.


    • You have so much to say, and your own unique way of saying it, Michelle. I will be very pleased to see you post again. The new title, which accompanied my upgrade to Business Site, and its unlimited storage, fits where I am now, while giving up nothing, in the way of fighting for justice.


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