September 10, 2017, Prescott-

I called my mother, to wish her a Happy Birthday.

She, to whom I was made to listen, for the first part of my life,

can now barely hear me, even when I am in full voice.

I pray her life will go on, for quite a few years yet,

and I will rely on the written word, to stay in contact.

The beaches of the Leeward Islands,

and the Florida Keys,

have taken quite a beating.

The emerging forests of Greenland,

just now rising from the Ice Cap,

are ablaze,

before they can even reproduce.

Disney World is closed,

and the lakes of The Villages

resemble mini-seas.

The Mediterranean, meanwhile,

is a lake surrounded by fire.

It’s being said that the Feds

are probing the ionosphere,

and that this may aggravate

climate change,

by pushing air currents

down into the stratosphere.

Meanwhile, we still

have relatively scant knowledge,

of our ocean depths.

These things cross my consciousness,

as I ponder whether

to go back outside,

and clear more weeds.

2 thoughts on “Polarities

  1. I thought I had commented on this one – but here I go again… It is hard to watch our parents age and change. My mother is only (compared to yours) 85. Her health issues are so far nothing that can’t be remedied. Yet I watch from a distance as she lives half way across the country. I have been watching the news and talking with my sister who owns a home in Pensacola Beach. Although they were not in the direct path it was still bad weather…


  2. My Mom’s 85th was the occasion of a good-sized party, as her 90th will most likely be. She’s getting tired now, and will likely make my niece’s wedding her last out-of-state trip. My MIL and SIL are in the Clearwater area, and rode out the storm on “high ground”.


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