Handling Things

September 15, 2017, Prescott-

After a moving project,

this afternoon,

I offered to help a friend,

with a huge task,

this coming weekend.

Her response was:

“You work hard enough,

during the week.   It’s

my mess, and I’ll clean it up.”

This person believes that

grown people take care

of grown people’s matters.

I go along with that, in general.

I also believe that there are times

when people of all ages

can bring truth to the adage,

“Many hands make light work.”

We did, this afternoon,

and in the event my friend does

feel overwhelmed,

she has my phone number.

Speaking of grown people

handling grown people’s matters,

I have a pile of work left,

in my back yard.

This weekend looks to be a full one.



6 thoughts on “Handling Things

  1. Being fiercely independent, I tend to turn down offers of help. There are times, though, when a helping hand can be invaluable, and I have very much appreciated the help that has been offered over and for thee current time period!

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  2. Seems I’ve been handling grown up matters a lot for the last few months. lol Adulting has kept me in Central Alabama most of the last year. smh Hopefully I’m wrapping this all up before November.


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