Car, Man and Tribulation

October 13, 2017, Prescott-

Car went through an ordeal, yesterday.

A wayward peace of cardboard,

in the road,

surrounded by loose gravel,

in the middle of a sharp curve,

sent car off into a small downgrade.

Car was pulled out,

by a gentle man,

in a powerful jeep.

Car is okay,

with a few screws

needing replacement.

Man woke up this morning,

noting that a long-standing


on his face had faded.

Man is looking

more human.

Man and car went out,

and delivered flowers,

to people who are

being supportive

of a large community event,


Man and car are fortunate.

Across California,

there are thousands

who face tribulation.

8 thoughts on “Car, Man and Tribulation

  1. I’m glad neither you nor the car was badly hurt! It’s definitely fire season, and the worst I can remember! High winds expected over the weekend won’t help in the north — things are a little calmer in the south today!


  2. Yikes!! I’m relived you are fine and all is well. Scary stuff!! Nice to know there are people that are still willing to be good Samaritans. The universe is looking out for you.


  3. Thank goodness for gentle people in Jeeps! I hope your interior state is as relatively unscathed as your physical.

    I haven’t heard much news lately, but I gather the fire situation is terrible.

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