But For Now

October 23, 2017, Prescott-

Tomorrow, I will write at length about two parts of New Mexico,

but for now, I am content to set my boundaries here, in this room.

Some day, I will likely balance my time between a beautiful little family

and my larger worldwide family,

but for now, I will tend to the needs  of my students and team mates.

Some day, I will be comfortable in the large group of people,

who have recognized the Presence of Baha’u’llah,

but for now, I am patient with my friends who are a bit skittish

about the beliefs I am sharing.

Some day, I will see the world, from a mountain redoubt,

but for now, I am happy to have that world close at hand.

9 thoughts on “But For Now

  1. The theme stated a different place… then “but for now”. A b side Stephen bishop song brought to a wider audience via Phil Collins with marilyn Martin. “Some day I might find myself looking in your eyes. But, for now, we’ll go on living ‘separate lives'”

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  2. I respect and support your path, my friend, even if we do not always share the same views. When we raise our own light high, which everyone possesses uniquely, it may cause some to squint or look away.

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  3. Those who embrace the present and anticipate the future are able to really live as compared to the many stuck reliving the past and expending all their energies trying to rewrite history. You are an example of living well in the now!

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