November 16, 2017, Prescott-

Today marks the fortieth anniversary of my first day as a full-time educator.  The two-year stint, in a rural area of central Maine, was far from my finest tour of duty, but it was a start.  People there would not remember me fondly, but they may as well know that most of my demons have been cast.

On another note, I have been in touch with my son, regarding the earthquake in P’ohang, South Korea, about two hours drive from his city of Busan.  He’s fine, as is his girlfriend.  I follow such things with alacrity, however, as any parent would.

I am feeling stirrings of outrage, at the ruling allowing imports of elephant parts from Zimbabwe and Zambia, by trophy hunters.  This is too obvious a ploy to let well-connected slaughter tourists have their way.  There should be no more pretense that this helps conserve species.

Then, there is the “accidental” spill of thousands of gallons of crude oil, from the Keystone Pipeline, in northeastern South Dakota.  Wow, who saw that coming?

Both parties, and all points on the political spectrum, have personages who have abused women;  no surprise here either.  Ego knows no ideology.  At least, a few people, Sen. Franken and Louis CK, are willing to take their lickings.  Many more, myself included, have had to undergo a considerable measure of emotional growth, in this regard.  In my case, it’s been a very lengthy process, though I have not, once, forced my attentions on anyone or sought to avoid responsibility for making anyone uncomfortable.  We have made some progress as a society, but not treating people as objects is an area of several segments and one in which each of us must take a measure of responsibility-whether it means changing our attitudes, or encouraging others to change theirs.

So, it’s been a full day, of wide-ranging stirrings in my psyche.

13 thoughts on “Stirring

  1. Congratulations on 40 years! I’m glad that Aram and his girlfriend are ok — hadn’t heard about the quake — how big was it? Elephant parts, oil spills — just two of the many travesties we will endure during this 4-year period! Disgusting! I hope the men in power grow up and take responsibility for their actions — I wonder how they have confused consentual and consensual!

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    • I have, curiously, not seen a measurement mentioned. The media was more concerned about showing photos of the damage. Asking men in power to grow up is looking more and more like asking a mentally handicapped person to expound on Plato.


  2. Everyone starts somewhere! Glad you can mark 40 years of positive growth. There is much to be done to improve as a species, nation, and as individuals. I hope we can take more steps forward and many fewer backwards.

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  3. Don’t feel bad, we all have demons.

    I, too, have throw my rockets at the government. All that happened were the dern things exploded in my hands.

    A bloody mess…

    Anyway, I would like to become a teacher, but I don’t have a good reputation online or out of the class, not that I’m a felon or anything. I am schizophrenic and wrote a bunch of stuff about the shadow government. The scary part is that some of it is very, VERY real.

    I lost my security clearance as well.

    Therefore, I will probably tutor people and write on the side. I’m still a neophyte, not ripe for picking yet. I will say that all my writing, bad as it has been at times, has made it so that I can type 7 pages of an assignment in an hour. I’m not bragging. It’s a perk of writing so much.

    I do tend to be verbose, however. I’m working on it.

    Chat with you later!

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    • Your verbosity will distill to clarity, as you feel more comfortable around these parts. If you are indeed Wiccan, there is nothing wrong with that. nature is an inherent manifestation of the Divine. I have friends who are schizophrenic, and I myself am mildly autistic.


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