Smacked Down, Rebound

November 21, 2017, Prescott-

I was told that I am unqualified to work with international students.

This, after 5 years of working with Korean students, albeit 25-30 years ago, at the university level.

I have to remember, there are two types of unqualified:  Under, and over.

The people running the corporation that minds these students prefer housewives and unemployed retirees, so I am underqualified, in those respects.  They also prefer people who speak Mandarin, and I am definitely not filling that bill.

Getting smacked down by people of other points of view stings only as long as you let it.

My rebound is my writing, so I need to stop making excuses and set the time aside to put one or two books together.  Even if sales are initially spotty, the money that comes in will equal whatever might have come from this other position.  Besides, who knows?  Circumstances in my life show signs of changing.  Life might well have gotten in the way of working for the corporation.  Everything happens for a reason.

15 thoughts on “Smacked Down, Rebound

  1. There’s a big difference between working with international students in a group their own environment and working with a few in a non-native environment/language/culture. I wouldn’t consider it a question of qualified or not so much as experienced in the way those doing the hiring are looking for.

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    • It occurs to me that there are nuances. As it happens, today I have learned that the successful candidate has been working with international students in California, for several years and has relocated to Prescott. Such is the difference in perspective, between fatigued and rested.

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  2. Sorry to hear.

    I’m going to start writing novels again in January. I have to finish this class first. It’s taking up a lot of my time. I have several impairments due to my schizophrenia, so it takes me longer.

    I wrote a bunch of weird things on blogs and have embarrassing YouTube videos, so I probably won’t make it into a classroom, as I told you. You’re ahead of me there!

    I write short stories and micro-stories on my wordpress blog. I’d like to see some of yours. When I don’t have looming homework, I try to study and write. I’ve had fun recently.

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  3. Personally I think you’d be wonderful with international students, Gary.

    When they mentioned you didn’t speak Mandarin, the thought that immediately jumped into my mind is of what George Costanza from Seinfeld might have said if he was being interviewed for that position, “Mandarin? I don’t speak Mandarin? I once ate a Mandarin orange 🍊. Doesn’t that qualify?”.

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    • There was a very narrow niche for this position. It ended up going to someone who speaks three languages, including Mandarin, and has worked with international students, in California, for several years. I do love Mandarin oranges, though!


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