December 9, 2017, Prescott-

I awoke this morning,

in a state of tension.

“Come off it, self!

This is Saturday,

and no one expects

anything of you,

except that you

take part in the

noon conference call.”

I got myself together,

drove to one friend’s house,

picked up a bin of cut juniper,

and delivered to another’s house.

Somehow, I will want to do better

than that.

The pieces of wood are small

in the second friend’s eyes.

Aren’t we a funny breed?

A person is entitled

to big, to fine, to proper,

to sufficient.

I thought of other friends,

in Ojai,

looking at the embers

and foundation, where

once, there was a

home similar to

the second friend’s

house, here.

Where is their piece

of entitlement, now?

Once upon a time,

an angry young woman

demanded of her mate,

that he throw me out

of the house

that five of us shared.

It was mid-February,

cold, snowy,

central Maine.

An older couple

took me in,

two days later.

Seems the Universe

decided that I

was entitled to

dignity, and

freedom from


Here’s how I see it, now.

These are our entitlements:

Respect, with regard to

our persons,

our time,

our necessaries.



therefore, never forced.


to make choices

and to follow through,

on those choices.

These three

are enough for me.

All else proceeds

from them.



8 thoughts on “En-titled

  1. Yes. We are only temporarily here and though it may seem that we must possess and gather and save, what we are entitled to are those things which even to many are beyond their reach. Having safety of one’s person, which if there was respect the safety would be a given. Love is there but for many the “strings attached” create a definite conditional love and they never experience the joy of unconditional love. (Which is why so many people turn to pets as substitutes for children). And of course we as a nation have a long history as the land of opportunity. Sadly not everyone has the same access to the same opportunities. Your listed entitlements (which should be basic human rights) are a thing of the past according to the current political party….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Political parties operate under the guise that “This is how God wants it.” Remember when men, everywhere, lorded it over women, under the same guise? What is “true”, now, will largely be proven false, and sooner than one may think. I stand by my words in the above post.


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