January 31, 2018, Prescott-

Yesterday seemed to have been a bad energy day, for several people.  On the way in to work, I pulled into a convenience market and one of my tires blew.  I was able to get the Elantra to the shop I use and the problem was fixed, in short order.  I got into work, with 5 minutes to spare, before program started.

There was a silver lining:  Whilst in the shop waiting area,I got two activities done, which would otherwise have been problematic, had I tried to do them at work.  For much of the day, a student was fussing and fuming, later apologizing for the misbehaviour.  With our students, these apologies are meaningful, because they have to think long and hard about what they are doing.

The biggest headache for me, though, was the temporary loss of this blog site.  It would have been an extreme nuisance to me, to have lost all of my dear followers and to not be able to access the diversity of opinion, which makes the Reader such an enjoyable and informative part of my day.  Make no mistake, I may disagree with several of you, on certain points, but investigating truth for myself is an integral part of my belief system, and each of us, no matter how outlandish our claims, does have a kernel of truth on our side.

So, as I gaze at the blood red moon, with my blog site back in order, I look forward to this day of putting January to bed.

24 thoughts on “Kerfuffles

  1. Sorry to hear about your day — and about the tire — good that you were able to get it fixed and on the way in time to get to work! I’m glad too that you didn’t lose your blogsite — what happened?

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  2. Sorry to hear about the flat tire, those are always a real downer!! I seem to have terrible luck with those, seem to be a magnet for nails and such. Though it’s been a while *crosses fingers*

    What an openminded post, such a positive thinker!

    That’s great when a sincere apology occurs, it’s not always easy to do. Kudos to the youngster, (he must have a good teacher : )

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