The Fast: Day 1

March 2, 2018, Prescott-

Every year, from March 2-20, until I reach the age of 70, my practice is to refrain from food and drink, between sunrise and sunset.  The purpose is both physical and mental cleansing, which is something that could benefit anyone.  Of course, if I am traveling long distances, engaged in strenuous work or become ill, the Fast gets modified somewhat.

Each of these nineteen days will feature a post that deals with spiritual matters- attributes and such, that help us meet challenges.

The first of these is trustworthiness.  I haven’t always been deserving of trust.  Last night, I dreamed of someone whose trust I broke, a few years back.  In the dream, my charge was to deliver some mail to this person’s office, whilst she was, ostensibly, not there.  I had a key to the office, which was to be returned to a third party, after the delivery.  When I made the delivery, I saw the top of the person’s head, over a divider.  I silently handed her one of the parcels, and left the others on a table in the front of the office.  No words or gestures were exchanged, and I went on my way, delivering the keys to the third party, as planned.

Quirks and perceived needs can, and do, impinge on trustworthiness; so do skewed perceptions.  Divided loyalties can enter into the matter, as well.  The fact is, however, that once trust is broken, it can seldom, if ever, be wholly restored.  There are those who have broken my trust, and those, like the aforementioned, whose trust i have broken.  With one forgiving exception, of them are in my life anymore.

Going forward, my choice is to pursue every single encounter with a person, or group, very carefully.  Trust is like glass.

23 thoughts on “The Fast: Day 1

  1. Fasting’s been on my mind lately, I should give the sun up to sundown method a try. So far the best I’ve done is about a 14 hour window two days ago (but 7 of that was for sleep). Have to work up to it, as I get quite hangry without (good) calories fueling energy, but know it’s worth it.

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  2. In India, atleast in my family as per my knowledge we do fasting for 40 days, which begins on ash wednesday, where are you from? And I’m grateful that I found your blog which definitely adds to my life and I hope I can direct my poetry towards god which I’ve been thinking from a long time!

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  3. Perhaps I’m dim but I don’t understand how delivering mail to an office (occupied or not) with a key provided and returned is breaking trust. Perhaps if you entered and rifled through a desk or read the mail there would have been a violation of trust but I just don’t see it…

    During Lent I’ve been abstaining from meat on Fridays and fasting during the day too. It is to bring me into solidarity with those who don’t know where or when their next meal will be found…

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    • The story of how I broke her trust is not described here. The dream is certainly not germain to the back story, so let me tie it by saying that the last time I spoke to her, she made me promise to never contact her again. I suppose the dream was a peacemaking, of sorts.

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  4. I love this share. I like to do a monthly cleansing fast and I have participated in the month of Ramadan fast which is what you are doing but for thirty days.

    I commend you and wish you well during this journey. Love the reflection aspect… mind… body… soul. Beautiful.

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