The Fast: Day 15- Outreach

March 16, 2018, Superior-

I returned to SunFlour Market today, getting into town as preparations were being made for the Apache Leap Festival, one of two big events that Superior hosts, each year. (The other is the Prickly Pear Festival, in August.)  A year ago, I encountered someone here who I feel I’ve known for all eternity. I believe in the concept of the soul family, having met many, across the continent and in various parts of the world, of whom I feel likewise.  This lady has since found other employment, but my connection with the proprietor of this unique market has remained strong, as well.  I was glad to hear that a family crisis, which threatened her being here, is abating somewhat and it looks like the market is a go, into next year.

It is important to me to reach out to those who I know are struggling.  So, an hour spent here was a small diversion from my weekend destination: Tucson.

Here are some scenes of the Festival preps.




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