Harold, Maude and What Makes Friends

March 29, 2018, Prescott-

Bud Cort turns 70, today.  He is best known for his role as the death-obsessed young suitor of a spry elderly woman, in the 1971 May-December black comedy, “Harold and Maude”.

After I moved to Prescott, following Penny’s passing, I provided transportation to out of town activities, for  a long-time friend of ours, a woman my mother’s age.  This led to another local acquaintance snarkily referring to us as “Harold and Maude”.  There was no similarity, except in his jaundiced mind’s eye, though it ranked me a bit.  Then, and now, I have no romantic interest in anyone, least of all a person many years my senior- or junior, for that matter.

Friends, I have found in all ages, shapes, sizes and walks of life.  It’s always been that way.  As a child, I would on occasion, visit much older men and women, and ask their views on a variety of matters.  Not having the presence of my grandfathers contributed to that, perhaps, but I have always been a soul who does not identify with a specific time element.  It’s been all about commonalities of interest.  Young, old and in-between will remain my friends.

So, being neither “old” nor “young”, in that regard, I go on, and wish Bud Cort a most happy entry into the dignified strata of Septuagenarian-hood.

6 thoughts on “Harold, Maude and What Makes Friends

  1. Here here!
    I am the same. I have friends that span both ends of the spectrum, and I believe it makes me more well rounded as a result. I am better equipped with the wisdom gifted me by my older friends and more adaptable thanks to my younger friends.
    Love the ode!

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  2. This made me smile. I was always comfortable with older folks as a child. My mother would often comment that I was “born 40” and so it is with my older son… I suppose as I enter my 60s more and more of my friends fall into the younger category! Still it makes for a wider scope of interests and keeps me abreast on the latest in music, fashion, and slang!

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