April 4, 2018, Prescott-

I might have renewed my library card,

some time ago.

So, with my laptop

in the shop,

I determined

to the refuge

I would go.

A kind soul


Internet Cafe,

as well.

I used those,

in Europe,

but there are

none, in cities

like Prescott.

Our wonderful Library

system, though,

offers plenty of time

and space,

for catching up

on the mandatory,

like e-mail,

and the pleasantries,

like this network.

There are people on here,

who will be glad

I’m alive,

and others,

who will be relieved

that I won’t be

as ubiquitous,

for the next few days.

I see the latter aren’t

around much, themselves,


so no matter.

I’m just glad to have


with a lifelong friend,

the Public Library system.

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