Whither Goest Thou?

April 21, 2018, Prescott-

I was brusquely informed, this morning, that I was headed for Hell.  My crimes? I believe in the unity of spiritual truth.  I believe that it was last revealed to mankind by God, come in the Spirit of the Father, in the person of Baha’u’llah, just as it was revealed to us, some 1, 987 years ago by Him, come in the Spirit of the Son, in the person of Jesus the Christ.  This is a threat to those whose purpose is to keep us divided.  This is a dire catastrophe to those whose grip on power over the common people depends on a belief in us vs. them.

The fact remains- I will continue to work with everyone, serve anyone, love even those sworn to enmity- because Baha’u’llah said so; because Jesus said so; because every religious Teacher since the world began has said so.  Only the inner cravings of humans, for power, for control, for dominance, say otherwise.  Our lower nature-personified, in the Words of Zoroaster, Christ, Mohammed and Baha’u’llah, as Satan, the Demon, is behind all work to maintain division.

So, I’m not concerned with the allegorical Fire.  I won’t stop serving, loving and looking towards the Light, in this life or the next.  My next act of non-remunerated service will be among Baptists, in fact, on Monday evening, helping my friend, a Baptist youth pastor, named Randy, in his humble soup kitchen.  Randy doesn’t care that I am Baha’i.  To him, it is our shared love for humanity that counts the most.

Funny, that my accuser of this morning should have touted her admiration for the late Billy Graham, whose attitude in his later years, towards the advocates of division, was: “Get thee behind me, Satan”.

That’s the end of my preaching and screeching, for now.  I just needed to clear the air.

12 thoughts on “Whither Goest Thou?

  1. I saw a lovely meme this morning that tooted the basic tenets of many religions – essentially the golden rule. Someone commented that Jesus Christ is the only way. I think she and your accuser have missed the point.

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  2. So many faiths tout a “one God” belief, and yet they all proclaim the highest god is their own! It’s a shame that people attack you on the basis of your faith, which is so strong.

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    • Yes, Janet, this is the sticky point for too many and it boils down to the person saying that he or she, essentially, is the arbiter of religious truth. That is the point that Billy Graham was trying to make, in his final two decades on Earth: God, not Man, decides what is spiritual truth. Our focus, as creatures, is too limited.

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  3. Gary, you are one of the few people who lives your faith. Any naysayers hold no credibility. The similarities far outweigh the differences between religions. (religion is a human invention anyway). I once had a conversation with a Pastor who explained that heaven was not a place of exclusivity but of total inclusivity. The Jew or Christian, Muslim or Buddhist who lived a righteous life would be welcomed into heaven. The question is “What is a righteous life?” He told me that such a life is following the tenets of one’s chosen religion and treating others with love and respect. I still think that is a solid explanation and good advice on how to get to heaven. (I think you are on the fast track!)

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  4. We have no right to condemn people. God is the One who knows the hearts. God bless you in your daily journey. We all have many more questions than answers. We do the best we can and ask Him for wisdom each day. 🙂

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  5. Wonderful to meet you, and thank you for calling by my blog.. What ever each believes, and what ever name we give our great Creator, The one thing that is taught is LOVE .

    ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.’

    Those who judge, do so from their own narrow windows,. We are ONE, and when we live and serve others through love and kindness, that is all that matters..

    Wishing you kind regards..

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