Liar’s Poker

April 27, 2018, Prescott-

You sent me a letter,

“Save with us!”

On a whim,

I checked out your offer.

“We represent a new way of thinking”,

you said.

I checked out your offer.

Your answer, as I expected,

was “No”.

This is your pants on fire moment.

I’ve never been much for liar’s poker,

and I will sit this one out.

I go on my way,

with my own resources.

Meager as they are,

unlike you,

I came by them honestly.

9 thoughts on “Liar’s Poker

  1. Offers in the mail are not usually the best way to invest! I continually get offers with cash rewards attached: we’ll give you $200 (or $500) with the condition in small print that you must invest $xxx in a new savings account. Why would I take money out of my stock investments to open a low interest savings account — certainly not for $200 (or even $500) that I’d lose in long-term growth?

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  2. I’m so glad you are skeptical and didn’t fall for the scam (because that’s all they are). We are working with a financial adviser and he was the only one (of many we met with) who was honest about how he made money. He also said that he was successful because he looked out for the interests of his clients – they were happy and financially secure.

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