May 8, 2018, Prescott-

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week, in our school district.  Today, on a national scale, is Teacher Appreciation Day.  As with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, most will be honoured and appreciated.  Some will meet with hostility or indifference from their charges.  Well, we can’t legislate love and honour,now, can we?,All in all, this year I feel appreciated and respected-both by my colleagues It is a work in progress, just like last year, but day to day we are on point and have proactive plans that are student-centered, rather than centered on outside interests.

My own perspective and focus have also returned to that which I held in the 1990’s, before the political firestorms of 1998-2001, and before Penny’s health became my be-all and end-all. Back then, it was the total student who mattered.  The building and sustaining of wide-ranging goals and dreams are again front and center.

Appreciate people and they appreciate you back.,

11 thoughts on “Appreciated

    • It is a fine line. If I am sensing non-appreciation from a troubled person, especially a child, I would need to exercise patience. If it’s somebody who is just full of self, then the person is probably not worth my time.


      • Yes… when working with kids, it is different. And patience is a beautiful thing… 🖤💙


  1. Children are keen to recognize appreciation and respect and will more often than not do their best to meet the expectations of those who provide that boost to their self worth! And you are so right that it is reciprocal.

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    • This has, generally, been a positive outcome of my work. Even some of the most disrespectful children have come to me, as adults, and thanked me for having been patient with them.


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