Trouble Truths

May 13, 2018, Prescott-

Yesterday morning, whilst I was at the Farmer’s Market, some people were playing “Two Truths and A Lie”.  A little boy interjected, that he had a “trouble truth” to share.  When asked what he meant by that, he said “It’s when I tell the truth, and it gets me in trouble”. His mother promised an amnesty, so he shared what he had broken at home, that morning.

Being mildly autistic, I’ve said my share of trouble truths, both as a child and adult.  They have brought me my share of trouble- everything from admitting that I was rough with my little brother, when I was ten, to saying, when I was in my forties, that I was not physically attracted to women of size.  That last rankled some people, but Penny was dedicated to keeping herself fit and was glad I wasn’t drawn to anyone but her.  (Of course, when she was paraplegic and her condition changed, I remained steadfast and faithful.)

I am a bit more circumspect, in late middle age, and while I’ve noticed that many senior citizens are more outspoken than they were in their younger days, I am moving in the opposite direction.  Unless I sense that a person would benefit from hearing something that might be hard to take, I am not as likely to just blurt it out.

Sometimes, age brings wisdom.  Other times, I just pick up on subtle hints.   To all mothers, I wish you a joyful and safe day.  To all my Word Press family, I wish you a fruitful and productive middle of May.

10 thoughts on “Trouble Truths

  1. It doesn’t take any level of autism for “trouble truths” to creep into a conversation once in a while! I think we’re all guilty of that! Having said that, happy Mother’s Day to the women in your life who are mothers.

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  2. Ha! I think we’ve all spoken “trouble-truths” at one time or another. It isn’t related to being neurotypical in my experience. It is however definitely related to age. The very young and the very old seem to be more prone to pronouncements that fall into trouble-truths. The former due to lack of understanding and the latter due to lack of caring.

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  3. “Sometimes, age brings wisdom. Other times, I just pick up on subtle hints.” — Guess, that’s how you sleep a little better than the rest who don’t/can’t. Great post! 🙂

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