Saving Bees

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What’s all the buzz about bees?

Bottom line is we need them.  When I did a google search for ‘save the bees’ I got 2,950,000 results in 0.65 seconds.  There is a lot of initiatives out there about what is happening world-wide to help savethem. You can go big – or you can local in your own yard.  Here’s just a few tips on what you can do –

plant  pollen and nectar producing trees, shrubs and flowers that are local and native to your area

be mindful not to use pest control sprays etc that are harmful to bees

buy locally produced honey to support a healthy bee population and ensure you get good, quality honey

buy other bee products

if you spot a bee swarm, do not panic – instead,  call a beekeeper to come and safely remove them and add them to their apiary.  While these swarms…

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3 thoughts on “Saving Bees

  1. The fact that Bees are decreasing has been a problem for some years.
    Even in Japan, I heard that honey is “importing”.
    When a bee flying, we will be stabbed .. I am afraid … but,extinction is also a problem!

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