September 24, 2018, Prescott-

I have heard, from a well-meaning person, that a man my age cannot handle intense romantic relations, of a physical kind. I guess it depends on the man.  Unless I find another woman who makes her way into a marital situation, I will not know as that applies to me. So, there is one moot point.

I do, however, manage to complete even a lengthy, and vigourous, physical job, to its completion, as I did on Saturday, whilst helping on a school garden project.  There is a major faith-based project, next Saturday, in which I will take part, and another, the following weekend, at Arcosanti’s Convergence, which dovetails with a Baha’i event and a nearby Pancake Breakfast.  I feel good, after vigourous work, so I don’t anticipate issues there.

I get the sense, from my building supervisors, that maybe I am occupying shoes meant for a younger person.  My immediate supervisor may well resist that, and I think I just need to stay the course, for as long as my stamina remains as it is now.

In a nutshell, I intend to keep on working, as I have said before, for at least two more years.  December, 2020, would be a good time to bid adieu, but there would have to be a younger person ready to finish out the academic year, at that point.

19 thoughts on “Aged-Out?

  1. I agree with Magarisa. In addition, to often when people in their 60’s stop being active, the health issues arise. So keep going, as long as it feels right to you, dear Gary. But, without a doubt, I am sure you will 😉

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  2. Age is only the number calculated from what is written on your birth certificate.
    Thinking of an analogy brings me to a fine piece of machinery that works well while it is being used regularly, but seizes up and breaks down when it’s not in use. Like a car … keep on driving, if you stop then things won’t work so good.

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  3. goodness, Gary, I’m glad you posted about this so that a) we could confirm to you the absurdity of what others tell us & b) we could remind ourselves of it as well — I have found over & over in my life that generalizations rarely apply to individuals unless we let them. just from the little of what we know of you from your blog, it’s obvious that you are unique of mind, body, & spirit enough to do whatever you set your mind to — wishing you the best ❤

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