Some Spinach Meal Ideas

December 19, 2018, Prescott-

I get tired of the arrogance of the high and mighty.

This makes me look to simple and joyful things,

as a diversion.

Spinach has always been one of my favourite foods.

I will not offer recipes and cooking instructions,

but spinach goes well with:

Feta cheese, especially when baked for 20 minutes,

in a steel or aluminum dish;

Peppers and onions, in a skillet;

Filleted fish, wrapped inside the greenery;

Ground beef, lamb, bison or elk, green onions, sweet peppers,

in a soup, prepared in a crock pot;

As a layer, in a five layer lasagna;

Diced and combined with ricotta,

as a manicotti stuffing.

In summer, spinach is a fine staple,

in any hot weather salad.

Spinach:  Not just for Popeye, anymore!



13 thoughts on “Some Spinach Meal Ideas

  1. We use spinach in lots of things – stirred into soups, added to pasts sauces, baked in quiche… it is all good except my mother’s version (canned – plopped in a sauce pan and doused with vinegar) which is why I hated spinach until I discovered fresh spinach in college!

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    • I ate my share of canned spinach, as a child. My mother rinsed the salt off and never used vinegar. I ate it, because I wanted to have green vegetables in my diet. As an adult, I’ve stuck with fresh greens.


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