Reaching Towards Cave Creek

January 4, 2019, Cave Creek-

I decided that my long exercise of my still-recovering left knee would best be achieved on the Maricopa Trail.  Thus came today’s 5.8 mile round trip from Andy Kunasek Trailhead, on the east side of New River to the edge of the Overton-Go John Loop, itself at the western end of Cave Creek.


My walkabout took me through the above square, and over a few of the mountains in the background.  It was a moderate hike, through saguaro forests and past a few outlying housing units, as a Sonoran Desert jaunt always does.




It’s said that saguaros will be endangered, should the current level of planet -wide heat and dryness continue to increase.  For now, though, the saguaros are glad to say hello.


Every active wash in the Sonoran region seems to have at least one cave, of sorts. I spotted this shallow granite indentation, whilst waiting for two lovely ladies and their horses to pass.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

These two lovely ladies are content to grace the side of the trail.


I found myself in the same state of happy tiredness, at the end of this exhilarating hike, as I have been on other such jaunts- so I feel the winter desert hiking season will not be a wash, after all.  My knee, though still a bit stiff, is on the mend.

I will return to this area, in a week or two and relish the Overton-Go John Loop.

16 thoughts on “Reaching Towards Cave Creek

  1. So glad to hear that your knee is feeling up to a nice hike! The photos were lovely though it is a chilling thought that the majestic cacti may be endangered. I don’t understand how reasonable people are still denying the reality of climate change.

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      • But there are many jobs involved in mitigating climate change — different technologies in generation of electricity, construction and maintenance of desal plants, HVAC, research and development. I agree it’s denial out of fear, but I believe there’s as much income available if one believes in climate change as there is currently. Perhaps the fear of change in general is more important.

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      • I agree that human ingenuity will find a way to prosper, in the face of climate change-just as it found a way to prosper in the change from Ice Age to more temperate climates. Yes, fear of change, in general, drives resistance to the recognition of fluctuations in temperature and the changes THEY bring.

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  2. In the meantime, we seem to be having a winter this year much more like those of a decade ago — overnight rain last night, more perhaps on Tuesday, more again perhaps over the coming weekend. How welcome the rain is!


      • As long as there’s some sunshine in between, I’m fine with lots more rain than we’ve had for the past few years. And today has been a lovely day — sunny and a bit warmer than the last week or so. The snow pack is still down, but there are still a couple of months for it to grow.

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