The Quiet Ones

February 13, 2019-

My high school yearbook entry, in 1968, included “Silent, but always there”. So it has been for much of my life.  If I haven’t had anything I felt was meaningful to say, much of the time, I’ve kept still.  Those who need constant noise and chatter, so as to not feel insecure, have often drawn the conclusion that I am some sort of dolt.  My autism certainly has not done anything to change that view.  Only time and acquaintance have dispelled the dim view, in all but three instances.

Last night, a relatively brief gathering found me in a quiet, introspective, frame of mind, with little to say.  One person asked my thoughts about my current employer; his eyes glazing over, when my reply went in a different direction than what he had been thinking.  Others seemed to feel like I was snubbing them, but that was far from the case.

The thing about the quiet ones is that we are in constant thought, and observation, about what is going on in our midst.  I will ever be concerned with what is going on around me.  I may not have the same perspective as those who are seeking confirmation of their own views, and so the turnstile will continue to revolve, here in the blogosphere, as well as in real time.  That’s fine-as my first responsibility is to be true to my own heart.  The Infinite has set a course for each of us, in that direction:  “Go placidly amid the noise and haste….”.

The quiet ones will always have much to say, and much that is meaningful, regardless of the tenor of the times and regardless of what thoughts are current, trendy.  Listening to us does require that one’s own inner noise gets turned down a notch. Rest assured that is the case, with our listening to you.


15 thoughts on “The Quiet Ones

  1. I’m sorry people don’t understand you or cause you trouble. Since you are disabled in some ways, people might think you’re weird or stupid or a burden. And they aren’t Einstein either, so they can shove it. To yourself be true. I, myself, know about the supernatural due to how my brain has coped over the years, altered mental states. I think it’s simpler to just claim to be a doorway.

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    • My view of those who are heavily tattooed, Goth, “promiscuous” or otherwise not “in sync” with mainstream society, is that they are still beautiful human beings, who are working things out and need a stable friend-not a host of critics. As you say in your previous comment, altered mental states can be a doorway-or a message to everyone with clear vision.


  2. My dear friend, I have always found you authentic. If anything, I am so outgoing I do not give you time or space to quietly express yourself. For that I apologize. I especially appreciate your depth of knowledge about a variety of things. Hang in there with those of us who bring our own issues to your side and know it is more about us than about your authentic self.

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