Many Left to Cross

February 27, 2019-

I spent the evening with a hospitalized elder.  Though much of my time and energy, over the years, has been spent with children and youth, the elderly are always a tonic for the soul.  We didn’t say much, as she was pre-occupied with eating, something that many of us, who tend to wolf down our food, might find odd.  This is a woman who is not going to go down by choking, though, so she remains the master of mastication.  Her life story remains a source of inspiration to me.  She is, like my late mother-in-law, a widow and the last of her parents’ children still alive.  She has sailed the Amazon, watched giant tortoises in the Galapagos, and enjoyed the finery of the great cities of Europe- and she is the matriarch of a small, but accomplished, family.

This is a time of year when many people rush at me, in the mail or online, pitching this product, or that business course.    These folks are astonished that I am not salivating over making tons of money.  Fact is, I have positioned myself to take care of yours truly, until the Divine calls me to the next level.  That is what my family expects, and their sensibilities matter most.  I am doing well, within those parameters.

There will always be those with their hands outstretched, and there will always be those with the Next Big Thing. I see those, on either end of the Money Spectrum, who stage tantrums or write in hyperbole, about how foolish they think those who ignore them are being.  Then I think, how little trust these people have in the Universe.  How little do they understand the Law of Attraction.

There is much territory left for me to navigate- both terrestrially and psychically.  There are many rivers, and oceans, yet to cross.  The crossing will take me far, wide and deep within.  Still, I glimpse the bright shore ahead.

3 thoughts on “Many Left to Cross

  1. I’m certain that your friend appreciated the time you spent with her. Did she talk about the tortoises or other creatures of Galapagos? What is there about this time of year that the people pitch their products more than other times? I seldom am in the malls, so don’t see that, but I still follow the police request to ignore the beggars’ outstretched hands, and do not talk with those who call on the phone with “free estimates” or unneeded health aids.

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    • I think that many are trying to cash in on other people’s assumed tax refunds. If I can’t afford to give at any other time of year, I am not giving when there is a tax refund, either. I am also good at ignoring beggars and I don’t answer the phone if I don’t recognized the number.

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  2. Oh — I didn’t think about tax refunds! I imagine you are right — now and Christmas are times when people expect others to buy whatever is offered. I am also becoming rather annoyed with the daily appeals for $10 for a particular candidate for President — a year before the first primaries, yet!

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