Jeju, Part 2: Jeju Stone Park in Fresh Eyes

March 13, 2019, Jeju-

My camera’s battery quit, midway through our Jeju Stone Park experience.  Fortunately, my son, Aram, who is also my co-host, had a fresh, new camera on hand. So, without further ado, here are twelve more photos of the park, chosen at random from those he shared with me.

I’d guess this is a frog-spirit, in prayer.


Perhaps, this is a disconsolate basset hound.


This could be a model of the lake, at the top of Mt. Halla.


Here is a geode, turned into a globe.


Paek Un-cheol had these mounted, back in Tamna Mokseokwon.


This eerie scene features the Guardian Children, also brought from Mokseokwon.


“Your turn to curtsy, my turn to bow.”


Another dystopian scene-perhaps an anti-Stonehenge.


The Museum, seen from the west.


This great pile of boulders resembles a tumulus, particularly with the stone entrance way.


This new institute for the furtherance of Jeju culture has several admirers, eagerly waiting for its 2020 opening.


My daughter-in-law, a curator at the museum, and I are on our way off the grounds.


Needless to say, I will be back in a few years, as Korea is certainly part of my extensive travel itinerary, post-retirement.

NEXT: Songsan Ilchulbong, Where the Sun Greets Jeju.



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