April 27, 2018-

I have not, in real terms, ever been a victim. Yes, I have had an old laptop stolen from me. As I was the only one who could get it to work, chances are it is in the pile of useless electronics. Yes, someone pilfered a U.S. Passport, only to be himself caught, sometime later.

I have not ever been a victim.  Difficulties, stemming from misdirected choices, slow reactions to swiftly changing circumstances and excess trust of incompetent people are not grounds for crying “Poor me”.  I have been a slow learner.  I have placed trust in those who didn’t deserve it.  That is not victim-hood.

I am, instead, far more concerned with those who ARE victims: Children and teens who are put into one form, or another, of servitude-sometimes, even by their own parents;  adults, usually-but not always, women who are promised gainful employment, but instead are turned into slaves, living in brutal conditions; seniors, living in filthy conditions, and mentally unable to call attention to their plight; members of religious or ethnic minority groups, demonized by powerful interests in their own countries.

There will be a time, in the not-too-distant future, when my time, whether traveling, or in a Home Base, somewhere, will be spent primarily in voluntary service.  Then will my focus not be on keeping a roof over my head, but on keeping the vulnerable, wherever, I find them, out of harm’s way.

I am keeping my eyes open, in this relatively peaceful community, until the day that I move on,  and it’s true that there will be plenty of  opportunities to help others-not those with signs or outstretched hands, begging for cash, but people who are being genuinely mistreated, beyond their ability to fight back.

I will remain, not a victim.



17 thoughts on “Victim

  1. Interesting. I whined a lot in HS and to other friends only to lose them. Ain’t nobody got time for that! The people who abused me moved on with their lives. We jut pretend it never happened. I think about it now and again.

    As for at-risk children, ghetto and trafficked woman and children, it’s a never ending battle. Some of the most abusive were abused, too. Any pity for them? We have to heal society before individuals.

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  2. Voluntarism is a noble cause, after taking care of one’s own basic needs (food, clothing, and shelter). I hope you will be able to maintain your current home base. You have been fortunate in life, Gary — it is important, though, to protect yourself — if you do so well, there is no need to worry about victimhood.

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  3. And this is the best way to look at things just the way they are rather than with our bias of good and bad. I really liked it. Thank you. 😀

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  4. You will not ever remain, not a victim. But, it is a good thought, hold it while you still can. It is when you will become a victim, that you will truly understand, how you fit into the scheme of things.

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