May 22, 2019-

I was invited, by my former building principal, to attend an end-of -year barbecue.  I went, and he greeted me pleasantly at the door.  A few former co-workers exchanged small talk, and I had a nice lunch. Predictably, some of the elite in my former department turned their backs when I sat down.  That’s what they do.  I did not budge from my seat.

Closure, in a stratified environment, is often hard to achieve.  I give the principal, and my former team members credit, though, for having the integrity to not define me by the unfortunate misunderstandings that led to discretion being the better part of valour, last month.  The principal did what he had to do, and everyone else adjusted.  There was simply no time, or space, for a proper investigation into the false accusations.  I know this, from having been in his shoes.  There are some very fluid situations, on occasion, and time does not wait around.  The safety of students is what matters most.

Education will continue, and will hopefully continue to improve.  I will keep on going and, even if I find it difficult to remain in this community after this Fall, I will find peace wherever I am.  At least I have closure, with regard to leaving my post.

15 thoughts on “Closure

  1. Sorry to hear. Most of my friends from the past are very successful. They’ve left me in the dirt. I don’t blame them. I might come up with a children’s novel, but I am not an intellectual. I am merely a hated creature in society. It’s rare that I get invited anywhere. I’m kind of invisible as a ghost, so I haunt around. It’s almost June again, unfortunately. I won’t get into it. I hope they’re a little more creative this year.


  2. I want something a little more than raped to death by machines this year. I sound sick. I am, and I’m hunted. I”m not especially found of this, especially when they go after the Vietnam vets (“All Pigs Must Die–Rome).. I would say it’s not fair or decent, but I’m nothing.


  3. I’ve been investigated at work, financial fraud, millions. I have been written up and it was “put in my file”. I have been called on the carpet for sexual harassment by a woman who’s name I did not know. I was was the turtle. Slow and steady. I kept impeccable records. I continued to the end of that life.


  4. Closure is an elusive but valuable commodity. I’m glad the Principal had the decency to extend an olive branch. Enjoy the knowledge that the people you know and like were welcoming and friendly.

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