Not A Day For Hate

August 8, 2019-

A few days ago, in the wake of last weekend’s shootings, a  minor pundit posed the idea that the eighth day of August was being anticipated, by alt-right adherents, as a day to call attention to their views, it being 8/8, or “Double H”-the extended premise, in turn, being “Heil Hitler”.  I find that premise ludicrous, but worthy of being countered.

Thus far today, there has been a report of the stabbing of four people, in Santa Ana and an apparent gas leak-explosion in Tampa, neither of which is being in any way tied to right wing extremists.  Political radicals, with mad agendas are, however, an ongoing security threat-whether of the Right,or the Left.  In addition, COINTELPRO* (Counter Intelligence Program), a Federal government operation that operated, full tilt, from the late 1920’s until at least 1985, is still being linked to Antifa (“Anti-Fascism”) and to certain Alt-Right organizations that have caused widespread death and injury.

With all that, the vast majority of people in this country are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”.  We get up each day, dress up and show up, for what is, by and large, a day to day process of fulfilling our responsibilities to family, friends, employers and community.  Whether we work for wages or as volunteers, we go about our days with integrity and a modicum of self-discipline.  None of this makes us saints, but it does, on average, make society better, little by little.

Hate, for most of us, is something we need like another orifice.  No matter who the hatemonger is-and I have seen instigators both of  the Far Right and Far Left, he/she is doing little to bring about the world that is said to be desired.  While, again, I do not claim to sit on the moral High Horse, I have done far more that is positive by showing love and respect, even to my critics and opponents.  Mom said, throughout our childhoods, “You get more with honey than with salt.”

8/8 is not a day for hate-nor is any other day.



17 thoughts on “Not A Day For Hate

  1. The base premise of the 8/8=H/H is that H is the 8th letter of the alphabet. How superstitious can that be?

    The stabbings in Santa Ana and Garden Grove occurred last night — a known violent gang member was released early from prison (under mandate due to prison overcrowding), and had a fight with his family. And gas leaks occur whenever, without reference to the date.

    It’s important to maintain a sense of reality, even in this era of unreality. We need the President to call Congress back to enact whatever legislation they can, and to get on with normal life. We need not to categorize these incidents, but to do whatever can to reduce gun violence and misdirected attacks.

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  2. There were several shootings in Toronto as well. I was worried about my son too. But he’s o.k.
    These shootings are just getting out of hand, no matter where it happens. What is all this hatred??

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    • People are not taking time to really connect with who they are. A culture of instant gratification, coupled with a false sense of entitlement, has as much to do with all that’s going on, as lax gun laws. I know Ontario is being run by a center-right administration. Hopefully, Mr. Ford & company will not be as resistant to doing what needs to be done for the safety of the people, as too many of our officials have been.


  3. You probably can’t perceive it, but I’ve had more than one party attempt to incite me to violence with psychotronic weapons. I was like, yes, I totally know people from HS hate me. I was a bitch, too. I made A ride above her ability and was mean to her. Nothing gives me the right to kill her. I bullied one person in my entire life. C and I were never friends but competitors, so we weren’t like all buddy buddy. That kind of crap. They also gave me intel while they were wasting government funds on something stupid. Putin didn’t crash the plane, for example, our side thought he was in the plane and bragged to me about killing my “boyfriend.” . I’m not even kidding. I did enjoy being able to express emotions and went wild after realizing the music was against me.

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