5 thoughts on “As It Happens

  1. I’m trying to become a writer. It’s the last profession I can get with my disability and abilities left. Unfortunately, I became disabled so early in my life, so II lack skills.. I don’t care what the critics say, and I don’t care if I fail and am never self-sufficient again. Bjork insights me to near violence. I’m not going to make stupid moves in desperation, and she is not going to rule my life. She’s a porn star. I listen to my doctor, not them. All the psychotronic people can kiss my rear. They like going up there anyway. It’s like, want some vaseline? You are determined, crackheads.


  2. Sounds like a solid plan and a reasonable agenda! Sometimes it is best to focus attention and energy closer to home… Hope the substituting gigs start to roll in. I suppose the coordinator is right – teachers hate to call off during the first couple of weeks of school. Just wait until they get a little comfortable then your phone will be ringing!

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  3. I do hope you’ll hole time for a lunch at the Crystal Cove Cottages when you’re out here for Veterans Day weekend. It should still be nice by then — perhaps nicer than it is now!

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