August 20, 2019-

This is not a post about vampires or zombies.  It is a post about how the love I feel towards many; in fact, just about all those who come to mind.  I say “just about all”, as the few who have consistently repaid kindness with viciousness are those who I need to keep at arm’s length, while still not wishing them ill.  There is always room for forgiveness and a new start.

At any rate, I am thinking specifically of a few young ladies, with whom my contact is mostly, if not entirely, on social media, who are like daughters to me.  One resurfaced today, on my feed, and I could only feel relief that she is in a safe place.  Others are pretty constant here, and that always brings a smile to my heart.

There is a family wedding coming soon-in my heart family, that is.  I find this is as important to me as any of my birth family’s nuptials.  The bride defines self-made woman and I can feel this marriage will be a particular success.  She, and her mother (also  a self-made woman), have long been very close to my heart.

A good woman, whom I had the pleasure of meeting several times, recently passed to the Presence of her Lord.  One of the points in her obituary was her kindness to even the most derelict of people.  She would get after those who were slovenly, but always in a gentle way.  No one was beyond redemption, in her view.

I hope to keep on, with this state of heart, getting up each day with a vow to show love and respect to those who cross my path-and to be consistent about it.  That doesn’t mean being a doormat-as that would not be loving to myself.  It does mean walking in Light.

May this be an undying state of heart.

8 thoughts on “Undying

  1. That’s a good way to look at the world. I’ve learned to not let too many people in my life or enable others who appear to be struggling for no reason. Recently, I’ve had to let go of anger towards mom and just accept that she’s sick and delusional. I call and compliment her or say a joke or anything. One of my other siblings is treating her like shit. Talk to your friends, talk to a shrink, but stop being a bitch to her face. That makes her drink. This one claims to be a forgotten prodigy. It’s like, if you are so smart, why are you failing adult life? We have one prodigy in the family, and it’s M. She made her own way but allowed people to help her along the way and doesn’t have so many demons. She works for Walmart in the pharmacy, and she went back to school to be a nurse. That’s what I hated about accelerated school. They make so many brats and don’t develop properly a lot of times. Many of them feel entitled to good, high paying jobs when they haven’t produced anything. McDonalds is an opportunity.

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    • There are many facets to education. There are also many forms of intelligence. The common thread for these different facets and forms is that success comes from resilience and the ability to recognize, and go after, an opportunity. In a crowded world, there are many fine candidates for any given job. Kudos to your sister for recognizing this fact, and for going after what she wants.


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